Friday, January 20, 2012

A Highlander Christmasby Dawn Halliday, Cindy Miles, Sophie Renwick (Goodreads Author)

An enchanting trio of paranormal Christmas stories:

Dawn Halliday's Winter Heat...Lost in a blizzard, a young woman casts a spell over the brooding Highland warrior who rescues her.

Cindy Miles's A Christmas Spirit...A museum curator's tour of a Scottish castle leads to an unexpected encounter with a dead-sexy spirit.

Sophie Renwick's Yuletide Enchantment...Passion blooms between an anxious bride-to-be and a dark, sensual stranger from another world.

Winter Heat review- This story wasn't really a paranormal story it was just a Christmas romance with a twist. The paranormal aspect of this story felt like it was throw in at the end almost like the author remembered at the end that it was supposed to be a paranormal story. Having said that I liked this story it was sweet and but don't feel like it's a story that is very memorable. I did like the story enough that I will look up this author and read other books.

Christmas Spirit review- I really liked this story Paige was a very likable character and Gabriel was the kind of Highland hunk I love to read about. I found that I couldn't wait until the end to see how these two would be able to be together. Lots of couple have problems but being a spirit is a huge problem. These two couldn't touch but they end up falling in love. I will most definitely get other books by this author.

Yuletide Enchantment- This was my favorite of the three. This is the beginning of the series and I'm trying to get the others now. The connection between Prince Daegan and Isobel McDonald was jumping off the page as I read. I could feel the love and devotion Prince Daegan felt for Isobel in the way he protected her as the years went by. Isobel is a sweet and caring young woman that is easy as a reader to care about. My only complaint would be that the book ended to soon I could have read their story for another hundred pages or more.

This was the first time I read a story by each of these authors and I liked them all. I would recommend this book to anyone with a love of paranormal romance.

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