Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Texas Bride: A Bitter Creek Novel (Mail-Order Brides #1) by Joan Johnston

Miranda Wentworth never imagined becoming a mail-order bride. Now marriage to a stranger is her only hope of finding a home where she and her two younger brothers can escape the brutality of the Chicago orphanage where they live. With any luck, she can even start a family of her own, once the three of them are settled at Jacob Creed’s Texas ranch. But Miranda has one gigantic concern: Her husband-to-be knows nothing about the brothers she’s bringing along. What if he calls off the deal when he discovers the trick she’s played on him?

Jake Creed is hanging on to his Texas ranch by his fingernails. His nemesis, Alexander Blackthorne, is determined to ruin him. Jake will never give up, but he’s in desperate trouble. His wife died six months ago in childbirth, along with their stillborn son, and his two-year-old daughter needs a mother. The advertisement Jake wrote never mentioned his daughter—or the fact that he has no intention of consummating his marriage. He’s determined never to subject another wife to the burden of pregnancy. But Jake doesn’t count on finding his bride so desirable. He doesn’t count on aching with need when she joins him in bed. And he never suspected his bride would have plans of her own to seduce him.

I love reading historical romances and Joan Johnston knows how to write them. This is the beginning to a new series. The series is about the Wentworth siblings and opens with them trying to figure out a way to get out of the evil orphanage they are placed in. When Josie (Miranda's youngest sister) comes up with a plan. Jake and Miranda are two characters you feel sorry for but for very different reasons. Miranda is a shy young lady and I enjoyed reading as she grow strong. Jake is scared to love after the death of his wife but soon can't help wanting the shy beauty. Jakes little girl Anna Mae is a doll and you love her for the start and so is Miranda's youngest brother Harry. Nick (Miranda's oldest brother) is sweet even if he was a chip on his shoulder when it comes to Jake. Alexander Blackthorne (Jake's step-father) I liked at first and hoped by the end of the book that Jake and Alexander would come to at least like each other. I soon found out why Jake hated Alexander and I came to feel the same way. If I say why it would be a spoiler so I will just say it's a big shock and changed how I saw Alexander. This twist is a good one but by the end of the book it's still a secret and I didn't like that. I don't like unfinsihed plot lines and that's what this is and I don't see it coming up later in the series. This is my only problem with the book. The journey from strangers to family is a joy to read. If you like historical romances then this is a great book to read.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Darkest Hour (KGI #1) by Maya Banks

The Kelly Group International (KGI): A super elite, top secret, family-run business.
Qualifications: High intelligence, rock hard body, military background.
Mission: Hostage/kidnap victim recovery. Intelligence gathering. Handling jobs the US government can’t…

It’s been one year since ex-Navy SEAL Ethan Kelly last saw his wife Rachel alive. Overwhelmed by grief and guilt over his failures as a husband, Ethan shuts himself off from everything and everyone.

His brothers have tried to bring Ethan into the KGI fold, tried to break through the barriers he’s built around himself, but Ethan refuses to respond… until he receives anonymous information claiming Rachel is alive.

To save her, Ethan will have to dodge bullets, cross a jungle, and risk falling captive to a deadly drug cartel that threatens his own demise. And even if he succeeds, he’ll have to force Rachel to recover memories she can’t and doesn’t want to relive—the minute by minute terror of her darkest hour—for their love, and their lives, may depend on it.

 I can't say enough how much I LOVED this book !!!! I started reading this book when I should have been resting for work the next day. I only got three hours of sleep cause I couldn't put this book down. I love so much about this book from Ethan and his brothers to the sub plot with his parents and a teenage girl. Rachel is the kind of character I had wanted to read about in a book a woman that was broken and scared out of her mind but gets stronger as the book develops along. Rachel tugs at your heart strings and your cheering for her as she gets stronger. Ethan is a good man that's devastated when he finds out what his wife went through. Plus you have the mystery of why Rachel's death was faked and the new member of the family cause's some waves without meaning to. I liked at the end of the book Rachel wasn't good as new she was much better than she started but she still had a long way to go. It was a pleasure to read about Ethan and Rachel's journey and a great beginning to a series. If you like when a man and his family fight for one of there own then this is your book, promise you won't be sorry for giving it a chance.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

3 Brides For 3 Bad Boys by Lucy Monroe

After tragedy struck six years ago, Rand buried what was left of his heart. But Phoebe Garrison refuses to give up on him. When nothing else gets the brooding hunk to open up, she blackmails him, offering him the coveted deed to property his company needs--if he agrees to spend a week in her bed.
Waking up in Vegas next to a naked showgirl named Fayre after a red-hot night of passion puts a smile on Colton Denning's face--until he discovers that Fayre is his new wife. What can stable, workaholic Colton possibly say to this unpredictable force of nature, a woman who expects him to love, honor, and cherish the vows he took, drunk, in a Vegas chapel?
As marriage proposals go, Carter's offer to Daisy Jackson lacks romance: Marry me and I'll give you a half million dollars. Four years ago, Carter let Daisy go for her own sake. Now, he needs a wife to fulfill the requirements of his father's lucrative will, and this could be his chance to make amends with Daisy.

Lucy Monroe did a excellent job of connecting these stories. It's not often that three short stories relate to each other but this is one of the rare times it does. Every character is well developed and very likable. I can't say much more without giving anything away and since I don't do spoilers. I'll just say that if you like to read about men that won't take no for a answer when it comes to his woman than you'll love this book.