Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dark Taste of Rapture (Alien Huntress #6) by Gena Showalter

                                                                                                        With one caress, he can give unforgettable pleasure . . . or unending pain. . . .

Hector Dean is shaved, tattooed, and totally ripped—and he has a deadly secret. He is a walking weapon, capable of killing with a single brush of his fingertips. Little wonder he’s determined to remain on his own. But Noelle Tremain is a temptation like no other. She is beautiful and rich, with a party girl smile that hides a shocking vulnerability, and from the beginning his sizzling attraction to her is undeniable. For the first time, his stone-cold resistance is tested. But to be with her, he risks destroying her.

When a wealthy businessman is murdered in New Chicago’s seediest district, the two are partnered, and there’s no escaping what they both want: each other. Yet neither Hector nor Noelle knows what to fear more—the killer case, or their own lethal desires. . . .

From the first time I read about Hector Dean I wanted to read more about him. I just love the strong silent type and Hector fit the bill. I couldn't wait to learn more about his past and why he was so closed off to everyone. Hector like most everyone in this series has a dark and tragic past. Hector is a human that can harm or kill with a touch of his hand. We first meet Noelle Tremain in Ecstasy in Darkness Ava's best friend at first look you may think Noelle a spoiled party girl with a pention for violence. Noelle in the first half of the book was rather annoying. Noelle acts like a brainless,flighty spoiled rich girl then is bothered when everyone believes the act. The more you read the more you learn that's not right at all. Noelle may be rich but she's never had someone to love her for who she is until she meets Ava. Noelle may come from money but she definitely knows about pain. Noelle is determined to have Hector and he is determined to stay far away. When they are patnered together that becomes impossible. I was shocked to learn how vulnerable Noelle really is once you see past the image she shows. Hector and Noelle have chemistry that sizzles off the pages. I would only complain that the book starts in the present then you flash to a year before for almost two hundered pages then your back to the present with no mention that your jumping around in time. I found that was really confusing and would have liked for it to state present or year ago. Something to mark your jump in time. I loved reading about Hector and Noelle's story and would recommened this book and series to anyone that loves paranormal romance.

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