Sunday, September 25, 2011

Virtual Reality by Joey W. Hill

Mark is a reclusive Dominant who confines his sexual interests strictly to the online world. On his routine afternoon ferry ride, he meets a woman who rouses the Master in him, and the line snaps between the virtual and real worlds. She begs for him to take her over, and bring them both fulfillment and healing. He wants to refuse her but he finds himself agreeing to spend one day with her. It is a mistake, because the anger he holds inside is fully capable of destroying a soul as rare and beautiful as Nicole's. But no Master, not even one as strong and disciplined as Mark, can resist the offer of a submissive who wants only one thing-to be his forever.
I feel very conflicted about this book. I really liked Mark and Nicole they had a amazing connection and very good chemistry. Mark is a dominant that meets his on-line sub on a ferry when Nicole seeks him out to meet in person after eighteen months of on-line interaction. I loved Mark he's the kind of man any girl would want as there own. Nicole is the kind of sub any Dom would be lucky to have. Mark uses dressing and vegetables in ways that amaze me and make me blush three kinds of red. I will never see a carrot in the same light again (blushing as I type). Mark is a broken man that Nicole helped to heal when they meet on-line. Once you learn about his past you understand why he never wanted to meet her in real life. The characters were well developed just felt there was more poetic internal monologue than was necessary and not enough plot development. Nicole close to the end was begging for more than one day after Mark said no time after time. Then it takes him about thirty seconds to change his mind after she's almost on the ferry ready to leave. Also for this being a book about a Dom/sub there was only one scence in the end where they had actual intercourse. I got this book in the erotic section in store when other than dirty language, and creative use of vegetables it should be in romance. I have read erotic books and this isn't one. The emotional side of this story was amazing but the book left me wanting more of what not sure. First time to read Joey W. Hill not sure I'll read anymore either.

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