Thursday, November 10, 2011

Never Too Hot (Hot Shots: Men of Fire #3) by Bella Andre


Deep in the cool green mountains of the Adirondacks, wounded firefighter Connor MacKenzie has come to rebuild the 100-year-old MacKenzie family cabin—and to be alone. A horrific blaze has left him scarred inside and out and certain of two things: He’ll get back on his Hot Shot crew no matter what it takes, and any woman who ventures too close will not stay long.
Ginger Sinclair has been burned by a different kind of fire. Having just escaped from a bad marriage, she’s retreated to the safety of the lakeside vacation town in upstate New York to start a new life. She’s done with men, with relationships, with the danger of desires that can rage out of control—until she unexpectedly encounters Connor MacKenzie. As a hot summer on the lake grows ever hotter, they find themselves sharing a cabin and a romance that will swiftly engulf them both.
 This was the first time I ever read a book by this author and didn't realize it was the final book in the series. Connor and Ginger are both battling back from being burned one from fire the other from a bad marriage. This was a classic example of trying to stay away from each other but not being able to. The book was full of typical plots. Connor and Ginger not getting along at first, Connor scarred and emotionally destined, Ginger wanting to heal and fix him, don't forget a fire, and a unexpected pregnancy. Almost forget about the father that wasn't around much for a little something different you have the father Andrew and his first love Isabel as subplot. It all came together nicely I thought but not a very original story. I will be getting the other two books to check them out. I'm glad I read it but not totally memorable.

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  1. forbidden love is always interesting... on a completely different note, Dead in the Family is a blast! I hope you love Sookie's series as much as we did.