Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Never Seduce a Scot (The Montgomerys and Armstrongs #1) by Maya Banks

Eveline Armstrong is fiercely loved and protected by her powerful clan, but outsiders consider her “touched.” Beautiful, fey, with a level, intent gaze, she doesn’t speak. No one, not even her family, knows that she cannot hear. Content with her life of seclusion, Eveline has taught herself to read lips and allows the outside world to view her as daft. But when an arranged marriage into a rival clan makes Graeme Montgomery her husband, Eveline accepts her duty—unprepared for the delights to come. Graeme is a rugged warrior with a voice so deep and powerful that his new bride can hear it, and hands and kisses so tender and skilled that he stirs her deepest passions.

Graeme is intrigued by the mysterious Eveline, whose silent lips are ripe with temptation and whose bright, intelligent eyes can see into his soul. As intimacy deepens, he learns her secret. But when clan rivalries and dark deeds threaten the wife he has only begun to cherish, the Scottish warrior will move heaven and earth to save the woman who has awakened his heart to the beautiful song of a rare and magical love.

I wanted to cry within the first few chapters of reading the book. I believe that Eveline has the sweetest family I may have ever read before. The Mongomerys and Armstrongs have fought against each other for decades so long that no one even knows how it started. Graeme is forced by the King to marry Eveline hoping this will bring peace to the two strongest clans in the Kingdom. Eveline is scared for she has always believed that Graeme was a monster that would abuse her. When she sees him that changes for she was a feeling that he will be kind to her. Graeme has heard what they say about Eveline but begins to doubt what is said shortly after meeting her. Graemes clan is not nice to Eveline at all but she keeps trying to prove her worth to them. There were times I wanted to jump in the book and beat some of the women of the clan for the horrible things they did to her. She trust them and they abuse that trust and hurt her. Graeme tries to understand his clans concerns but the finally straw comes and he stands up to his clan. I think if I could fall in love with a character it happened then. I loved this book. I also liked that when a old emeny from Evelines past tries to set the clans against each other they both stop and think before charging into a war that will kill both clans. This is just a great book that I can see myself rereading in the future. One of the best books I've read.

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