Saturday, April 20, 2013

Relentless Seduction by Jillian Burns

When her best friend disappears during Mardi Gras, microbiologist Claire Brookes is determined to find her. Her only lead is a bar called Once Bitten—a haven for the dark, melancholy and vampire-obsessed. And while Claire generally prefers science nerds over the Gothy children of New Orleans, something about the bar’s tall, dark and delish bartender makes her mouth water….

Bar owner Rafe Moreau is pretty sure that there’s more to Claire than uptightness and frumpy clothes. And as they delve further into the dark, seedy underworld of the Big Easy, Claire and Rafe turn to each other, discovering a sizzling hunger that won’t be satisfied.

But will one taste be enough?

Bein’ bad in the Big Easy...

Jillian Burns was a joy to meet and very nice lady. This is another author I've never read before but so glad I found. Claire is not the kind of woman you get used to reading about in romance books, she is shy and nerdy dressed in baggy clothes but under is a beauty that Rafe has no problem seeing. Rafe tries his best not to be pulled into Clarie's trouble but he can't help but be her knight coming to her rescue. Claire just wants to find her friend and won't stop until she does. Rafe is street tough but likes the way Claire makes him feel. The emotion between Rafe and Claire was so strong it jumped from the pages. I was worried a couple times that about them getting their HEA but they did. This book keeps you on edge wondering what has happened to Julia (Claire's friend). I didn't want to put the book down between the mystery and the chemistry the book has it all. If you like some mystery with your romance than you have to get this book. Mystery, romance and steamy love scenes what more could you ask for.....

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